Indoor Motorized Blind

Indoor Motorized Roller Blind

Lutron offers the most advanced shading solutions for commercial spaces, with a large variety of product options and features. From individual, battery-powered roller shades to self-adjusting automated shading solutions, we offer the right system for any need. In almost 50 years of innovation, Lutron has  expanded their product offering from 2 products to 15,000. Lutron has also led innovations in window shade technology for the control of daylight, as well as wired and wireless systems, to integrate the control of both daylight and electric light.


Why choose Battery-powered Sivoia QS Triathlon?

Sivoia QS Triathlon shading solutions represent a new era in Lutron window treatment technology. This brand signifies a collection of wire-free, battery-powered shades offered at a price point that makes automated window treatments more affordable than ever before!

– Industry-leading battery performance.
The battery lifetime : 1-6 years (depends on blind’s size and Blind’s operation frequency)

– Easy-to-change batteries.
Simply pull the cover down to reveal the battery tray – without taking the shade down

– Quiet, precise movement

– Seamless integration with Lutron whole-home control systems


Control daylight at the touch of a button

Roller shades create the perfect light for any space or activity with an offering of sheer, dim-out, and blackout fabrics.

Sheer fabrics to maintain view while reducing sun heat
Dim-out fabrics to provide privacy
Blackout fabrics to eliminate all daylight

Blind with precision and ultra-quiet performance

– Perfect alignment for all the blinds

– Easy integration with other Lutron lighting control

– Ultra-silent level operation rated at less than 44dBA at 1 m


What is Alena?

Alena is a high-quality and cost-effective pull-to-start motorized curtain track system. Whether standing at the window or resting in bed, operation of an Alena system is easy, allowing for motorized operation with or without control. A gentle tug of the fabric will trigger the drapery track motor to open and/or close.

Alena has the same ultra-quiet motor. The pull-to-start drapery solution requires no programming prior to use.

Manual Open

The Alena drapery track systems all offer pull- to-start manual activation. When an occupant pulls on the drapery panel, the drive will take over and move the panel automatically to the open and close position. When using a keypad or remote control, the drapery will function as a motorized window treatment.

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